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Irvine Police Chief Maggard Retires

City Manager Sean Joyce announced today the retirement of Irvine Police Department (IPD) Chief David L. Maggard, Jr. after 13 years of distinguished service to the Irvine community.   Chief Maggard has served as IPD Chief of Police for 12 years and Deputy Chief for one year. During Chief Maggard’s tenure, the City of Irvine was…

AOCDS President Quint Retires

AOCDS President Wayne Quint, Jr. announced he will be retiring from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to begin a new career in state government. With this announcement, Wayne resigned as President of the Association and Board of Directors.

Godspeed Alan Bock

While there’s a great deal we complain about when it comes to the Register’s editorial/opinion pages, make no mistake that it comes from a position of respect.  Sure, we wish the Reguister had one center/left columnist and sure, we wishe there was more balance in the content.  And we’re likely not to get our way.…

You’re A Mean One Mr. Moorlach

Over the weekend Supervisor John Moorlach fired off a premptive Op-Ed in the Orange County Register attacking public employees and blaming their pension benefits for budget shortfalls and what the headline to his commentary describes as a “Formula for disaster.” Moorlach goes on with this misleading argument against defined benefit retirement plans.