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AOCDS President Quint Retires

Wayne Quint, Jr.

AOCDS President Wayne Quint, Jr. announced he will be retiring from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to begin a new career in state government. With this announcement, Wayne resigned as President of the Association and Board of Directors.

Godspeed Alan Bock

While there’s a great deal we complain about when it comes to the Register’s editorial/opinion pages, make no mistake that it comes from a position of respect.  Sure, we wish the Reguister had one center/left columnist and sure, we wishe there was more balance in the content.  And we’re likely not to get our way.…

You’re A Mean One Mr. Moorlach


Over the weekend Supervisor John Moorlach fired off a premptive Op-Ed in the Orange County Register attacking public employees and blaming their pension benefits for budget shortfalls and what the headline to his commentary describes as a “Formula for disaster.” Moorlach goes on with this misleading argument against defined benefit retirement plans.