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The New Watergate?

Not even ONE WEEK after the Republican Supreme Court overturned Watergate era campaign finance laws, there has already been a Republican linked Watergate scandal. Self-proclaimed ACORN harasser James O’Keefe was arrested YESTERDAY, along with three other conservative activists of trying to wiretap the phones of Democratic Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.

Breakdown of Brown Victory shows it’s not about Obama

The Boston Globe posted this interesting analysis of the election of Scott Brown to the US Senate seat in my old stomping grounds in Massachusetts.  And I have a couple of additional points to add to this towards the end that I believe helped the Republicans win.  The picture is not as rosy as Republicans…

LA Times and Capitol Weekly Team up on New State Political Blog

The LA Times and Capitol Weekly have launched a new blog aimed at covering California politics.  Which means they’ll go after Republicans and Democrats alike, and not just Democrats and public unions a la the Register’s editorial pages or Steven Greenhut’s new venture. Check out the new site here. Anthony York, editor of the Capitol…

Friends and Enemies

Not long along, Michelle Steele, a conservative Board of Equalization member, attended a fundraiser for Irvine Mayor Sukhee Kang.  Steele and Kang have known each other for years and there’s a healthy degree of mutual respect and friendship between the two.  That’s a good thing and a healthy thing. But this appearance launched much teeth…

Latest Field Poll Looks Grim for Republicans in 2010

There’s this belief out there in Conservative-Land that the 2010 elections will mark the return of popularity to Republican politics.  Not. So. Fast. According to the latest Field Poll, voters have yet to embrace the Party of No. Here’s an excerpt from the story in today’s Los Angeles Times.