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GOP “Pipe” Dreams of Victory in Central OC

I have been reading recently how the Republicans in Orange County have reached the conclusion that Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, and State Senator Lou Correa are vulnerable to defeat in November. They cite the wave of anti-incumbent feaver that is sweeping through the country. Yeah Right. Dream On!

Krugman nails Republicans on Healthcare Reform

Nobel prize winning econmist, Princeton professor and NT Times columnist Paul Krugman has a column in the nation’s newspaper of record that actually savages Republicans for their positions on healthcare reform.  In a word, the Republican plan is…nothing. From the piece: It was obvious how things would go as soon as the first Republican speaker,…

The Party of No or “I Don’t Know”

In today’s column in the New York Times, Nobel Prize-wining economist Paul Krugman notes that Republicans are closer than ever of achieving their goal of “straving the beast” to force drastic spending cuts on needed program as necessary to tame budgets in lieu of their tax cutting ways.  The problem is the party of No…

Constitutional Conservative Hypocrites

As the conserverati gather in Washington DC for this week’s CPAC conference, a document is floating around that encourages conservatives to return to the constitutional roots.  It’s called the Mt. Vernon Statement and it’s signed by the usual cast of clowns that justified every decision made by the last Republican President and the last Republican…

Obama’s State of the Union

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiaUdzsgvq0&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] Here’s where you can read the entire transcript of the speech.  I found it fascinating to watch so many Congressman and Senators from the GOP on their Blackberries or iPhones during the speech, and the video above captures John McCain mouthing the words “Blame it on Bush.”  That would be an accurate statement Senator.…

The New Watergate?

Not even ONE WEEK after the Republican Supreme Court overturned Watergate era campaign finance laws, there has already been a Republican linked Watergate scandal. Self-proclaimed ACORN harasser James O’Keefe was arrested YESTERDAY, along with three other conservative activists of trying to wiretap the phones of Democratic Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu.