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Senate Delays Dream Act Vote

While the U.S. Senate was supposed to vote on the Dream Act today, the vote has been postponned until a vote can be talen on the controversial tax cut compromise worked out between the GOP and President Obama.  The Dream Act, which passed the House yesterday, grant legal status to undocumented students brought to this country by…

Congressional Democrats Must Make Republicans Own Tax Cuts for Millionaires

Fine, let them have there deal. But the price should be that they have to come up with the majority of votes to pass the legislation. The progressives in the House and Senate need to hold firm and vote no on the deal. That way the only one caving will be the President. Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, need to have the spine to stand up and say, loud and clear, we will not increase the federal deficit and debt to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

Cheney and Rumsfeld Tonight at the Nixon Library

As we reported a few weeks ago when Ann Coulter was in town, the bigger event coming to the Nixon Library before the end of the year happens tonight when former Vice President Dick Cheney joins former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. The ocassion: a Richard Nixon Foundation dinner honoring…

Fear, anger drive Latinos away from Republicans

From the Sacramento Bee: A couple of years ago, I conducted 24 focus groups among Latino immigrants across the country…. After about five or six of the groups, I began asking this question; “If people in America are so against immigrants, why do you think they hire you?” In every group, the answer was the same:…

Voices From Street Corners (Vol. 10)

I have been amazed at our weather in South County over the past few days. As I looked down the Aliso and Wood Canyon Park, I continued to marvel at the beauty of what we have within our Midst. If I did not know better, I would think Spring was in there. It is November and we have Thanksgiving in our sites.