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Nelson Goes A.W.O.L. from Council Budget Meeting for his own Campaign Fundraiser

“The more we get off our plate now, the less we have to deal with;” Nelson said. “I’m ready to make individual cuts as we go through the departments, or at least provide policy decisions because at some point I think there is going to be a will of the Council to – I can make something up but, the Park and Rec. department I know is one that I’ve seen the 10% cut, I don’t support, I know that I can find far more than that in other departments, but we have to go through it to get there.”

More on Congressman John Campbell working for his district

Lumped in with the likes of Wiley Drake, John Campbell finds it more important, than bringing resources to his district, to focus on the false premise that questions whether President Barack Obama was born in the United States. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart has the full story here: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart…