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Obama Weekly Address: Republicans Blocking Progress

The President calls on Republicans in Congress to put scoring political points aside, and instead to focus on solving the problems facing the nation. At the time of this address, the Republican leadership is blocking progress on a bill to boost the economy, retain jobs for teachers and cops, and help people buy their first home.

Obama Weekly Address: Fair Pay for Doctors

With doctors facing deep cuts in their reimbursements from Medicare unless Congress acts to correct long-standing problems, the President calls on Senate Republicans to stop blocking the remedy and pledges to work toward a permanent solution. The cuts would potentially mean widespread trouble for seniors getting needed care.

CA Budget: Is it soup yet?

The Senate has wrapped up their portion of the work related to the Budget bills. They have adjourned for the the morning (night). The budget mop is sliding slowly across the Assembly Floor, pushing the dirt around but not really picking anything up. The last tweet from the floor that I saw sets the tone:…

Schwarzenegger: Democrats are wasting time

Just up on the LATimes.com Arnold Schwarzenegger says Democrats are wasting time on flawed budget plans The California governor says he will veto the Legislature-approved package, which includes tax hikes. The state is days away from having to issue IOUs. By Shane Goldmacher, Reporting from Sacramento — Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today scolded Democrats for squandering…