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Walters and Harkey: The Lying Housewives of Orange County

State Senator Mimi Walters, and Assemblywoman Diane Harkey are both wealthy housewives from southern Orange County now serving in the state legislature. Their latest crusade is to derail California’s High-Speed Rail project. Walters claims the project funding could be better prioritized for “the most vulnerable populations of our state.” She’s lying.

Meg Whitman and the California Business Exodus Lie

New data today from the Public Policy Institute of California again calls into question political claims that a mass exodus of businesses from the Golden State is underway. Tops on the list: the District of Columbia, where 6.9% of jobs from 1992-2006 were lost due to an exodus. Compare that to California’s record over the same 14 year period: 1.7%.

Campbell’s lies about the House Health Care Reform bill

The OCRegister published Congressman John Campbell’s OP-ED full of lies about the House Health Care Reform bill today. I wonder if they will print a fact check? Odds are, they won’t bother. To start Campbell claims: This bill is 2,032 pages of a pure and unadulterated government takeover of health care. The total package would cost…

Chris Norby: Opportunist or Revolutionary?

We are a week away from the November 17th Special Election Primary to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of disgraced Republican Assemblyman Mike Duvall. It seems to be a forgone conclusion among Orange County’s political pundits that Chris Norby is the front runner in this race. Whether or not he garners the 50%…

What?! Jindal Made It Up?

While watching Governor Jindal deliver the Republican response to President Obama’s Congressional address I found myself asking what planet has this guy been living on? Then while he was recalling his story about his visit with Sheriff Harry Lee after Katrina I thought, “wouldn’t it be funny if this story turned out to be untrue?”…