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Riverside County Registrar of Voters Barbara Dunmore fired after delayed vote counts

Riverside County officials [Tuesday] removed Registrar of Voters Barbara Dunmore as the county’s top election official. Dunmore – a longtime county employee who has served as registrar since July 2004 – was let go from her job just hours after county supervisors publicly grilled her about the Nov. 2 election. As a county department head,…

On Election Day and Beyond: Now What?

Being witness to Democracy in Action is a privilege and an honor. I have had that privilege for the past five elections. Besides the Presidential Election, this past Tuesday, November 2, 2010, was truly different in many ways. I wanted to begin this with how I ended a very long but wonderful day. After I concluded my duties as Elections Coordinator for Area 47C (covering Laguna Niguel),

Around South County…..

The battle is continuing. Unfortunately, unless one is a true political junkie, a Facebook fanatic or has the patience to dig through the 6th page of the Orange County Register, the only way one knows that an election is going on is through the battle of the signs.