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Santa Ana Set to Approve New Ward Boundaries Tuesday

Revised Council Ward boundaries are set for approval at Tuesday’s Santa Ana City Council meeting. Ward boundaries have not been changed since 1992 and are required due to population shifts since then. The significance of the Ward boundaries is limited to the residency of candidates to represent specific wards. Election of Council members is conducted city wide.

Stories of the Year – 2011

Leprechaun Mayor Gary Monahan

Well, 2011 is just about behind us and a presidential election year is just ahead – time flies.  Let’s look back at some of the 2011 stories we covered here in no particular order.  We can debate which one is the top story but it’s pretty subjective.  Please feel free to include your own in…

California Supreme Court rejects challenges to Senate, Congress maps

From SacBee Capitol Alert: The California Supreme Court today rejected legal challenges to the state’s new Senate and congressional maps. The two separate lawsuits were rejected by identical 7-0 votes, said Lynn Holton, court spokeswoman. The court’s decision ended the first hurdle to implementing boundary lines that were drawn this year, for the first time,…