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Kelly Thomas No Longer Focal Point of Fullerton Recall

The deadline for turning in more than 10,500+ valid signatures looms before the FullertonRecall group seeking to oust three conservative members of the Fullerton City Council, but the Voice of OC reported today that the Kelly Thomas beating death, which prompted the action, is no longer the focus of the recall effort.  And while Kelly’s…

CA Supreme Court Decision Spells Doom For Redevelopment Agencies

In a decision that could spell the end of redevelopment agencies in California, the state Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Legislature had the authority to seize $1.7 billion in local redevelopment money to help balance the budget, and struck down a related bill that would have allowed redevelopment agencies to continue operating if they agreed to turn over a large chunk of their funding to the state.

Shawn Nelson: 8-25-09 “Sue my city please.”

In August 2009 Shawn Nelson tells the Board of Supervisors that they have the obligation to sue the City of Fullerton to block the redevelopment expansion and not accept the payoff that the city has offered. Now there is nothing wrong with a member of a city council disagreeing with the majority vote of his council. It is however wrong for any elected official to encourage another government entity to sue the one he represents as a member of the City Council.

Cities Threaten to Sue over Budget Deal

Yesterday the California League of Cities hosted a press conference to announce their intention to sue the State of California over the raid on gas tax and redevelopment funds to “balance” the state budget. Martin Wisckol of the Orange County Register filed this report: Cities say they’ll sue if plan to raid local coffers moves…

Counties and Cities to be hit hard by CA Budget Solution

The resloution of the $26.3 billion California budget mess is likely to be an all cuts scenario with counties and cities getting hit hard. In a message Friday from Paul McIntosh, the Executive Director of the California State Association of Counties, there is a hint of what we’ll be facing. (Letter edited due to length)…