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Stories of the Year – 2011

Leprechaun Mayor Gary Monahan

Well, 2011 is just about behind us and a presidential election year is just ahead – time flies.  Let’s look back at some of the 2011 stories we covered here in no particular order.  We can debate which one is the top story but it’s pretty subjective.  Please feel free to include your own in…

Amante Builds Warchest to Fight Recall

      Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante, the target of a recall effort, has stated publicly that if a recall does become a reality, he’ll fight it. But in a sign that those behind the RecallAmante effort are progressing well on the signature gathering front, the Mayor is hosting a fundraising BBQ in Old Town…

Pro-Amante Website Makes a Quiet Debut

Mayor Jerry Amante, the Il Duce of Tustin, has his fans to but they have a twisted sense of humor when it comes to naming a website to support their dear leader.  SaveTustin has next to no information and a smiling face of the Mayor with his email address and cell phone (so voters can…

Sign a Petition to Say You’ll Sign THE Petition to Recall Amante at Tustin Chili Cookoff

With the latest petition to recall Tustin Mayor Jerry Amante rejected yet again by the Tustin city clerk (this time on grounds that a one inch margin was lacking on the petition), one can surmise that the staff at the city is working to do everything they can to delay the inevitable. By denying the last petition and counting to 10, the city of Tustin has denied the Tustin Recall The Mayor group the ability to use the famous Tustin Chili Cookoff to collect signatures.