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Quang Pham Drops Out of CD-47 Race

Longshot Republican challenger Quang Pham has dropped out of the race for the CD-47 congressional seat now held by Rep. Loretta Sanchez according to the TotalBuzz blog.  Pham failed to capture the CRA endorsement, losing to Assemblyman Van Tran, and Pham’s departure spares Tran an expensive and potentially embarrassing primary fight.  Update: Hat tip to R.…

Katherine Smith For Congress, What Happens Now

If you believe the hype in the media, the word is that 2010 is going to be a harsh year for Democrats. For Republicans in Orange County, they believed it to be the perfect opportunity to take out the hated Loretta Sanchez. They recruited Assemblyman Van Tran to be the candidate and since that time, it has blown up in their faces. Now the final death knell to his campaign may have arrived in the form of AUHSD Boardmember Katherine Smith.

Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias- GOP in an Independent’s Clothing

The Latino community has been reporting for the past couple of weeks a woman who has been going around the community named Cecilia “Ceci” Iglesias touting herself as an Independent candidate for Congress in the 47th Congressional District, Loretta Sanchez’ seat. A little digging is revealing a much bigger picture, a clear effort by the Republican party to split the Latino vote from Loretta in the general. Nice try folks, but next time, try to hide the evidence better.

First, I went to Iglesias’ website, which you can see HERE. On her bio page, one can get the first hints she is a ringer for the GOP. She mentions working for a voter registration project in the Santa Ana and Garden Grove area, but fails to detail which one. Could it be the one that was illegally switching voters to the Republican party? Apparently she is also a resident of the Windsor Village neighborhood. So upon learning that, I looked into her voter registration information. She is apparently registered in the neighborhood at 1322 S. Arapaho Dr., which is in the neighborhood. The interesting part is she only registered there this past August.

The Loretta Sanchez Republican Curse

What is it about Loretta that causes all her opponents to completely meltdown. Since 1998, this woman has been targeted(despite how the GOP tries to spin it) by the Republicans for defeat, each time something seems to happen to her Republican opponents that cause a meltdown of epic proportions. One has to wonder, is someone…

Quang Pham Supported by Man Who Harbored Pedophile Priests

After Van Tran’s attempt to obstruct a police investigation, I began to wonder, are the Republican candidates intentionally trying to help Loretta Sanchez win re-election. Not that she needed any help, but after the latest thing I learned, I am a little worried she is going to have to claim these missteps by her Republican…