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Independent Report on Pulido Property Swap Leaks Out

Voice of OC got its investigative hands on the damning independent legal analysis report on the property swap between Pulido’s family trust and a city contractor. As we expected, such things as an explosive legal investigation report could not possibly be kept silent in the context of a hotly contested political battle during an election year.

You Look Spineless: The problem with ultimatums

Dragging out investigations so that they conclude just after an election does not serve the public interest. We believe that if the Santa Ana City Council feels they cannot release the full report, at a minimum, the City Attorneys conclusions should be publicly released.

It’s Not All About the Swing-States

If you watch the cable news channels you may have gotten the impression that the only place where voters matter is in the swing-states. At times it seems the two presidential candidates are running for President of Virginwiscoflohiowa. While that election is getting all the attention, there are some important votes in California that could swing the balance of political power away from middle-class Californians for years to come.

2008 SAUSD Election: An Analysis Part 1

2008 was the first time there was an open seat on the school board, where at least one incumbent was not seeking re-election since 1998. Longtime board member and comic relief Rosemarie Avila was finally retiring to take on Loretta Sanchez in a quixotic run for Congress. Immediately, people began speculating, who will be “the…

Don’t Tell Miguel Pulido

“I didn’t speak to the mayor and so my supervisor suspended me for two days,” Cassandra Moye told the South Florida Times. Also from the same piece, “On Monday, August 3, 2009 at approximately 9:00 AM at the North Pavilion the disrespectful attitude you displayed to the Mayor was unacceptable,” George Edmunds, the city’s acting…

Santa Ana Council Filings

The names and signatures are in and presuming nough signatures are verified by the city clerk, here’s who is running. Mayor: Miguel Pulido Michelle Martinez George Collins Stanly Fiala. Ward 1: Vince Sarmiento Jm Walker Ward 3: Carlos Bustamante Steve Rocco Art Pedroza Anna Rebecka Valencia-Verdin Ward 5 Claudia Alvarez Lisann Martinez