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Showdown in Anaheim Tonight


We’re hoping that today’s special City Council meeting in Anaheim to decide whether to place two initiative proposals to amend the city charter on the November ballot doesn’t erupt into violent protests similar to those which disrupted a council meeting earlier this month. Mayor Tom Tait has set the meeting to be held at 4 p.m. in the Anaheim High School Cook Auditorium.

Anaheim: A Not So Happy Place

Police firing on protesters in Anaheim (Screen Capture Ustream @ timcast)

At 9 p.m. officers ordered protesters in Anaheim to disburse, declaring an unlawful assembly. Soon after, police started firing pepper-spray bullets at the feet of protectors, as well as bean-bag projectiles into the crowds. In response, some protesters began to vandalize public and private property including breaking out the windows of a near by Starbucks.

Baseball Trumps Politics in Anaheim

I was able to score four tickets for Tuesday’s night’s All-Star Game at Angels Stadium, and got there about 3:30 PM.  As my son and I wandered around the front of the stadium, there were two small protests going on.  A series of religious signs were scattered in a haphazard manner and then there was…

Demonstration in Irvine to Protest Violence in Iran

More than 1,000 people, mostly Iranian-Americans, gathered  for a second time at the corner of Barranca Parkway and Jamboree Road in Irvine on Sunday to demonstrate support for the protesters in Iran.  Sunday their peacefull demonstration was to highlight the violent crackdown on protesters in Tehran expressing their displeasure with the decision of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to…

Tiananmen Square – 20 Years Ago

Twenty years ago today the Tiananmen Square protestscame to and end. Chinese government tanks cleared Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989. In Beijing, the resulting military response to the protesters by the PRC government left many civilians dead or severely injured. The number of deaths is not known and many different estimates exist.  There were…

Repeal Prop 8 Campaign UPDATE

First off, let’s start with some bad news. It now looks like the California Supreme Court will take its time on the Prop 8 lawsuits. This means we likely won’t immediately know the immediate fate of marriage equality in The Golden State. However, here’s the good news. Considering that the court has asked Attorney General…