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When Elizabeth Called Ann

Elizabeth Edwards phoned into Hardball last night as Chris Matthews hotsed an hour long Love Fest with Ann Coulter.  At CPAC, Coulter basically called Edwards a “Faggot” and on Good Morning America this week, Coulter said when she refers to Edwards in the future, it would be to wish he were killed in a terrorist…

Who’s Afraid of American Liberalism

John Nichols How scared are the folks over at the Republican National Committee as they head toward an election cycle in which their party’s hold on at least one branch of the federal government – which they’ve enjoyed for all but two years since 1981 – could end? Faced with the prospect that both the…

Reagan, Reagan…Reagan, Reagan

In an effort at bi-partisan humor, I am posting two short video links (not on YouTube yet, sorry) of the recent GOP and Democratic debates.  The GOP debate is first.  Enjoy.  http://www.current.tv/pods/supernews/PD06197 http://www.current.tv/pods/supernews/PD06121

Chuck Hearts Fred

State Rep. Chuck DeVore has come out of the closet and is throwing his support to unannounced presidential candidate, former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson (there’s a certain other former Tennessee Senator far more qualified Chuck). Read all about it here.    

Imperial Hubris and the GOP Debate

The posturing by the right wing in the wake of last night’s Republican presidential debate made for better entertainment than last night’s Ducks playoff game. On the Flash Report, Duane Dichiara had this to say about Republican congressman Ron Paul, one of a handful of Republicans who didn’t vote with the Party to authorize the…

Single-Minded Isolationists

On Sunday, Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel stated that the GOP has been “Hijacked by Single-Minded Isolationists” [ev type=”youtube” data=”CjaS-oAtk0A”][/ev]Come towards the light Chuck, come towards the light. Senator Hagel speaks the truth on this.  He can expect that the right wing will attack, just as they attacked the 11 GOP Congressmembers who went to the White…