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Goodbye 2012

As we stand on the edge of the fiscal cliff, waiting to see if the Republicans in Congress choose to walk back from the edge with Democrats or jump—pulling us all over into an economic abyss, I want to recall with you some of the highlights of 2012.

Voices From Street Corners (Vol 19): Reflections

As we are witness to the Presidential Beauty Pagaent and the complacent media before us, the World has continued to implode and change before our very eyes. What has happened in the Middle East is nothing short of remarkable. It has been a grass-roots effort that prompted many to rethink long-standing beliefs. It is startling to see someone like Hosni Mubarak who up to five months ago could do no wrong is now confined to a Cairo Military Hospital under virtual arrest for corruption. Beyond the World, though, there are the continued challenges at home.

Country not so center-right afterall

Media Matters has a good story on the myth being spread by right-wing pundits that Obama ran as a conservative and the the country is still a center-right nation politically. Postelection poll results contradict media claims that U.S. is a “center-right” country. Summary: Several media figures have claimed that President-elect Barack Obama won the election…

So Show Me Already

Geez Louise, what’s up wiht the state of Missouri? The Show Me State still hasn’t shown us who won.  If Obama wins, his electoral college numbers climb to a crushing 376; if not, they stay at 365. In 2004, when W won with 285 electorial college votes, the conservatives called it a mandate.  A mandate…