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Romney Raising Cash in OC vs. Hypocrisy on China

Mitt Romney will be in Orange County today to hit the Orange County GOP ATM. He is here for his fourth withdrawal since March with an event at the Segrestrom Hall in Costa Mesa. Romney raising money in Orange County, no matter what quantity, isn’t news. It is well overshadowed by his hypocrisy on “being tough on China.”

Obama Acceptance Speech Moved Indoors

DNC2012 organizers have decided to implement their weather contingency plan, moving the Thursday night ceremonies from the Bank of America Stadium to the Time Warner Arena. Severe thunderstorms are predicted for the rest of the week and the decision hinged on safety concerns.

We’ve Come Too Far to Turn Back Now

Obama for America released a new online video today titled, “We’ve Come Too Far to Turn Back Now,” that reminds Americans how much is at stake in this election. While President Obama has delivered on the change he promised when he announced his candidacy, he isn’t done moving America forward.

Remember the Swift Boat Lies of 2004 – They’re Back

The Los Angeles Times reports this morning a front organization made up of former Navy Seals and CIA employees that has launched a “Swift Boat” style attack on President Obama. From the story Group attacking Obama for security leaks includes past talkers: In politics, the story line rarely changes: Do as I say, not as I do.