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“I was a POW” is John McCain’s answer to everything

[youtube]4OfQH4fJXmU[/youtube] Jay Leno asks McCain on the Tonight Show, how many houses he owns.  McCain’s answer: “I was a POW.” Senator McCain, what’s your position on the economy? “I was a POW” Senator McCain, what;’s your plan for Iraq? “I was a POW.” Senator McCain, “what’s your position on Gay Marriage?” “I was a POW.”

John McCain is a Liar

(h/t to Martin Wisckol, OC Register) John McCain accused former OC Supervisor Edison Miller, who was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and many other medals, as a turncoat alleging traitorous behavior during the Viet Nam War. The accusation was in McCain’s book, “Faith of My Fathers” co-written with Mark Salter. According to an article in…