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New Rules: From Pope Francis

I’m not Catholic; at this point in my life I can best describe myself as agnostic when it comes to my faith, spiritual in my beliefs. But I do find that the teachings of people of all faiths to be instructive at times. Such is the case with Pope Francis.

Voices From Street Corners – Vol. 3

As I drove around town this week, I admit I became a bit self-centered. When one worries about their own predicament, one forgets about all that is going on around them and forgets. I then remembered Elie Weitzel’s admonition to us all to “….to give meaning to life and in doing so to overcome the passive, indifferent life.” As I noticed people who continue to hold up signs, I wonder what else could be done.

County Sued For Failing The Poor

BREAKING NEWS from Total Buzz. The Western Center on Law and Poverty has filed a class action lawsuit against the County of Orange arguing that the recent job cuts implemented at the social service agency are unlawful because they create long delays for needy people to receive benefits. This month, the county began handing out lay…