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Bao Nguyen uses Correa’s CD-46 Poll to Bolster His Own Progressive Credentials

Remember that poll in the CD-46 race issued by Lou Correa’s campaign?  The one that showed the former State Senator well ahead of all other challengers for Loretta Sanchez’s congressional seat (including the 2014 losing Republican candidate)?  And remember how our friends at the OrangeJuice blog offered a long, hard and largely unreadable explanation of…

When Push Poll Comes to Shove

At the latest meeting of the Costa Mesa City Council, the Costa Mesa Taxpayers Association (CMTA) announced the results of a push poll. Colin McCarthy crowed about the results, but take a closer look. The poll doesn’t ask about the basic policy voted on by the Costa Mesa City council – outsourcing services and laying off nearly half of the City’s workforce to balance the budget.

New CBS/NY Times Poll: Public Trusts Democrats More

This exceptional opinion column in today’s New York Times is well worth reading and should serve as a reminder that the leadership demonstrated by President Obama and the accomplishments of the Democratically-controlled Congress in the past two difficult years has been, in many ways, exceptional.  Consider for a moment thet state of our nation if…

Has the OC Sheriff’s Race Narrowed?

UPDATED: A new poll from Lewis Consulting shows that incumbent Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens is locked in a dead heat with challenger Bill Hunt, a retired sheriff deputy. Hutchens polled at 21 percent, followed closely by Hunt at 20 percent in a sampling of 400 voters taken between April 23-26.

CA-42: New Poll Says Gary Miller’s in Trouble

Today, we have some very interesting news from the Ed Chau campaign. We have some exciting poll numbers coming out of the 42nd Congressional district, and I just had to share these with you. Here, take a look. Ed Chau for Congress Releases Poll Results Conclusion: Ed Chau Can Win In CA – 42 Rowland…