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Some Quick Hits Before the Weekend

In the City of Kindness, there will be some sort of protest at Anaheim City Hall over President Trump’s ramped up Immigration polices that have Immigrants all over the country afraid to send kids to school, seek medical attention or even go to the grocery store.  That’s scheduled for 7 PM tonight. On Sunday, there…

Math vs. Romney’s Irrational Exuberance

The Romney/Ryan campaign’s post debate excitement seems to be a case of what former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan might call irrational exuberance. As with the math they have used to support their tax and budget plans, their figures just don’t add up.

Solorio comments on Politico Article on Durkee Plea

This came in via email Tuesday night: State Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s Statement Regarding Politico News on Durkee Guilty Plea   Solorio Asks FBI to be Aggressive in Making Sure Durkee Serves as Many Years as Possible in Federal Prison, and Says First California Bank Cooperated with Durkee in Fraudulent Activity SACRAMENTO – In response to…

Van Tran brews up another cup of Weak Tea

Tran: “There’s a big debate in the community whether she’s (Loretta Sanchez) effective or not – whether she’s doing it for lip service or for votes, because the big question is, after 14 years in the House, what substantial and tangible results can she show in terms of advancing Vietnamese democracy and human rights? Show us your accomplishments _ what bills, what legislation, what political prisoners?”