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These People Vote

And that’s scary. The glaring lack of facts is appalling. To this observer, these people represent exactly what it is they themselves fear but somehow cannot recognize. Yet they vote and get others to vote, also. If you want to prevent from occurring what it is that these people are whining about, hook up with…

Sanchez: “We Can ‘Nguyen’ This”

The Vietnamese Democratic PAC held a luncheon today featuring Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez and Assembly candidate Phu Nguyen.  Sanchez told the group how pleased she was at the progress made towards voter outreach and increasing Democratic registration among Vietnamese-American voters.  And in turn, how these voters have seen how effective her office has beenin responding to…

Vietnamese American Democratic PAC Celebrates Endorsements

We have received announcement from the Vietnamese American Democratic PAC that they are celebrating their endorsements of Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez, and Phu Nguyen with a fundraising luncheon on Friday, August 27th. The event will be held at At the offices of IBEW Local #441, 309 N Rampart, Suite M, Orange, CA 92868; Noon – 2:00PM.

California Teachers Association Endorses Phu Nguyen for 68th State Assembly

Chris Francis, President of Garden Grove Educators Association stated, “I am extremely happy that CTA has chosen to endorse Phu Nguyen as a candidate for the 68th District State Assembly seat. Phu has a strong vision for California that will serve this state well. He realizes that we need to create jobs here in California to help us recover from this economic downturn. Furthermore, he knows we need a dedicated, educated workforce to fill these jobs.