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More improper votes and campaign bucks for Michele Martinez and Sal Tinajero

The City Council of Santa Ana (Baby Bell) has called a special meeting for this evening to discuss the problems that have developed from the revelation of improper campaign contributions and improper votes taken by Council members Michele Martinez and Sal Tinajero related to the Station District project. Well the swamp is getting deeper for these two as more improper votes do large contributions are revealed.

The ‘Bell’ is ringing, but is it putting the Santa Ana Council on notice?

On Tuesday we had the following rolling across banner headlines on the LA Times, The OC Register, and even national news sites: Eight Bell leaders arrested.  Eight current and former Bell city leaders were arrested Tuesday on charges of misappropriating more than $5.5 million from the small, working-class community as prosecutors accused them of treating the…

Santa Ana Council Video: We’re not the City of Bell

This is a heavily edited video of Santa Ana City Council member comments made at their September 7th meeting. It was this meeting where members Martinez and Tinajero voted improperly on a resolution to lower, and suspend for a year, soccer permit fees paid by adult leagues. Martinez and Tinajero each accepted $500 from a for-profit league that benefits from that reduction creating a conflict of interest making them unable to vote on the matter.

Santa Ana Council Members Martinez and Tinajero run ‘Pay to Play’ racket in Santa Ana

This is probably one of the most egregious examples of “pay to play” revealed since former Ward 3 Councilmember Ted Moreno was convicted ten years ago on September 5, 2000 for accepting $31,000 in illegal campaign contributions. While the reduction in fees passed on a 7-0 vote, these two council members should have recused themselves from voting on this matter. Who knows what influence these two members exercised over the review of the fees and the recommendation for their reduction.