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Maybe Jerry (Amante) Can Host a Telethon for Tustin

One of my biggest complaints about conservative Republicans running for office in Orange County is that they seldom have a record that matches their rhetoric.  Rep. John Campbell decries government spending when proposed by President Obama but votes for the bailout of banks and the automobile industry when the ideas are proposed by the Bush…

Supes “Free Willi”-ams to continue business as usual

I’m sure that the fact that Williams personal attorney Phil Greer has represented all of the sitting members of the Board of Supervisors except for John Moorlach couldn’t possibly have played a role in the decisions of Supervisor’s Bates and Nguyen to oppose the solution recommended by CEO Tom Mauk (snark). Bates proposed looking into the matter further when the Board discusses the next County budget in May.

OC Supes Wasting Time – AGAIN!

Yesterday’s Orange County Board of Supervisors meeting proved to be another example of why people who hate the idea of government should not be in a position to run government. The meeting started off with one hell of a laugh. 4th District Supervisor Chris Norby was supposed to lead the Board in the Pledge of…