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Is Tustin Council Candidate a Deceiving “Wannabe” — Yes

Hat tip to OurTownTustin blogger Jeff Gallagher for this scoop on Tustin Council candidate Allan Bernstein, a Jerry Amante-endorsee with no civic or community experience and little apparent common sense, for using a photo of himself on the Dais of the Tustin City Council with a partial image of the City’s official seal in view on…

Is Chris Thompson Fullerton’s Batman?

The Fullerton Stories website has an interesting piece about how Fullerton School Board member and Recall Committee Chairman Chris Thompson has become Fullerton’s own version of “Batman.” The school board member reportedly took it upon himself to investigate a parking lot of a local school where during the summer months, youths gather.

Doing the People’s Work

Does Tustin City Council member Jerry Amante think the late Tom Fuentes, a leader in the OC GOP, was a bad public servant?  All evidence suggests, yes he does. So here is the logic behind my contention and stay with me on this.  Jerry Amante has a singular mission and that’s to bully and belittle his…

Amante Develops Amnesia, and Takes the Low Road Again

After 24 hours, the team at the City of Tustin finally managed to get the video of Tuesday night’s council meeting up and running.  And Pam Keller was eloquent and classy in dressing down Boss Tweed Jerry Amante for being a bully and refusing to work with Councilwoman Deborah Gavello.  In brief remarks at the…