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With Updates: NY23 goes Blue; Hoffman Concedes to Owens

New York’s North Country, a moderate Republican district since the 19th century, has a new Democratic Congressional representative.  Bill Owens, endorsed this weekend by the conservative Watertown Daily Times, has been elected to Congress.  Read about it here. This election is a noted defeat for conservatives like Sarah Palin, Dick Armey, Fred Thompson and our…

Sarah Palin Declares Her Independence

Sarah Palin is not done causing headaches for the leadership of the Republican Party. In fact, my guess is that she is going to cause them far more pain in the near future than they or the media could ever have imagined. At this point, politicians and the press are trying to decipher Palin’s motivation…

Bill Ayers, in his own words

Saturday’s New York Times carried a fascinating Op-Ed by William Ayers, who wisely waited until after the election to speak out, less anything he say be taken completely out of context by McCain/Palin and Fox News. Here’s the column. There two passages are particularly interesting:

Redistribute Wealth! Because the Bible tells you so.

John McCain and Sarah Palin have been hammering away at Barack Obama, accusing him of being a Socialist. Sister Sarah was brought onto the ticket with McCain to energize and mobilize the evangelical Christian right to support a McCain presidency. So isn’t it a little intellectually dishonest for an evangelical Christian to attack a basic…