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Voices From Street Corners (Vol 7)

It was a bit of a cold and damp week in South County. As always, though, there was a lot going on. As I was about town, I got a chance to talk to a few of the regulars on Street Corners. The old Veteran was at his old station continuing to ask for help. When I went up to talk to him and asked him how things were, his only comment to me was, “the man up there will take care of things…”. I wanted to again ask whether he had gone up to the One Stop Center. I also told him about a Security Job Opportunity that I saw that he could potentially qualify for.

241 Toll road completion will have no effect on Trestles

I would write moe on this but I’m on the way out the door to  work. Any thoughts? Consultant: toll road completion will have no effect on Trestles Scripps scientist calls activists’ assertions ‘bogus.’ By PAT BRENNAN THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER Building the Foothill South toll road will have no effect whatever on surfing conditions…