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Does John Seiler actually think that Senator Lou Correa is a communist?

John Seiler seems to think that State Senator Lou Correa is a communist. In a post yesterday he wrote “thanks to the profligacy of Lou “North” Correa and others, state and local government pension funds in California are $500 billion in the red.” So exactly what about pensions for public employees is communist? Well nothing, but that doesn’t stop Seiler from trying to make a connection where there is none so that he can use the phrase Lou “North” Correa.

HCR: Waterloo for Democrats or Republicans?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85yMOPKR94M[/youtube] Orange Punch blogger Brian Calle called out Loretta Sanchez’s vote for healthcare reform as a vote against her district’s best interest.  I completely disagree.  Loretta represents blue collar and working class communities in Santa Ana and Anaheim, the very people healthcare reform will benefit most. “Loretta’s vote in favor of Obamacare is out of…

Bloggers Behaving Badly

I spent some time reading the local blogs and checking in with my Facebook friends and am noting some interesting comments in posts. Let’s start with our friends at Orange Punch, where Steve Greenhut has a post about how Conservatives will be spending considerable time in the wilderness.  No disagreement there.  But then Stephen wrote…

Greenhut Blowing Smoke – Dude, There Is No Fire!

I do understand that Steven Greenhut has been foaming at the mouth over Sheriff Hutchens’ CCW policy for months, but I think his rage is starting to get the best of him. Greenhut wrote Wednesday on his Orange Punch Blog a commentary titled First guns, now tobacco … the liberal sheriff strikes again! He goes…