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Voices From Street Corners (Vol 6)

It was Thursday and I was tired and driving down Alicia Parkway. I was deep in thought as I saw this lady holding up a sign. I pulled aside, grabbed a bottle of water and a snack and went up to talk to her. I admit I was nervous thinking what Jane Doe might think and how she might react. I went up and began with a simple question: What happened & Why are you here?

OC is no Longer Nixonland: NY Times

I saw this page one story in yesterday’s New York Times but couldn’t post becuase I was offsite all day and too tired to doi it last night, but it’s telling when the nation’s newspaper of record devotes a page one story to declining Republican control in the OC. Of course, readers here know exactly…

OC Tea Party Members – Condemn Racism in Your Ranks

Benjamin Jealous, the head of the NAACP, wrote this post for CNN.com about the NAACP’s recent resolution asking the Tea Party crowd to repudiate racism in their ranks. He wrote: “It is unfortunate that at a time when our nation is reeling in the midst of one of the most devastating downturns in our economy…