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Can Beth Krom use the Debate Duck Now?

Now that Rep. Loretta Sanchez is set to debate Van Tran on KOCE (she isn’t going to debate him as much as she’ll mop the floor with him), it looks like the Van Tran “Debate Duck” is out of a job…or is he/she? They need to apply for work with Beth Krom’s campaign and start…

Berardino responds to OC Register distortions regarding retiree medical benefits

Five years ago, Supervisor Bill Campbell and the Orange County Employees Association recognized two things: the importance of providing quality health care coverage for retired county employees and the rising cost of doing so. So, together, we addressed these issues head-on. Through the collective bargaining process, OCEA and the county arrived at an agreement that reduced the county’s unfunded liability for retiree medical benefits by $815 million while continuing to ensure our employees would receive adequate care in their most vulnerable years.