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HCA Launches Campaign to Combat Preventable Deaths and Chronic Disease

For all the crowing that some people do about how Obamacare is an intrusion into our lives, the reality is that just providing access to health care insurance is not enough if, as a community, we want to address the increase in incidences of preventable chronic disease in our community. Health, is not a political issue, it is a community stability issue. The reduction of preventable chronic disease is a core function of our government’s job related to public health.

I’m Still Standing

It was ten-years ago that I contacted the Compliance Officer for the Orange County Health Care Agency to report improper conduct on the part of the agency related to the management of Federal HIV/AIDS funds. I was a Program Supervisor in the HIV Planning and Coordination unit that managed federal and state HIV/AIDS funding coming…

$1.3 Million Approved to Expand Orange County Community Clinics

On Thursday the Orange County Health Care Agency announced that the Orange County Board of Supervisors has approved $900,000 in funding to improve the County’s community clinic system. The one-time allocation of Tobacco Settlement Revenue (TSR) funds will be used to expand direct health care services to unfunded medically indigent patients in Orange County.

Voice of OC reports on low morale and safety issues facing nurses and doctors at OC Jails

Norberto Santana, Jr. of the Voice of Orange County reported today on problems of high turnover, low morale and safety concerns that have been raised by OC Health Care Agency nurses and doctors working in the Orange County Jails. Another “no-confidence” vote is making the rounds among the staff at the Orange County Correctional Medical Services division…

State Workers Behind Immigration List

Earlier this week in Utah, a list of 1,300 people with their personal addresses, social security numbers and family memebers were sent out to media outlets, law enforcement agencies and other random targets. This got the state of Utah to investigate. It turns out two state employees who work in the department that issues food stamps and other social services are behind the list. You can read the story HERE.

Ideology Trumps Good Policy, Again.

From our Faith-based Government file we have news that negotiations between the Orange County Health Care Agency and Planned Parenthood have broken down related to a request for funding of a Breast Cancer Health care program. Not surprising when you consider the faith-based policy decision the Board of Supervisors made a few months ago in…