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OC Deputy DA opinion turns Brown Act Open Meetings Law on its head

It seems that the Orange County District Attorney has a rather lenient interpretation of the Brown Act when it comes to obvious violations on the part of Westminster City Councilmen Tyler Diep, Andy Quach, and Tri Ta. At least that is the only conclusion I can reach from their response to my complaint regarding the publishing of a letter from these members of the City Council regarding the conflict over Black April events in March. Senior Deputy District Attorney Raymond S. Armstrong responded to my concerns related to the obvious violation of the Brown Act in a June 28, 2010 letter.

Orange County District Attorney Starts Interviewing Staff Regarding Assessor Allegations

Back at the end of March, employees of the Orange County Assessor’s office represented by the Orange County Employees Association disclosed to the Board of Supervisors allegations of mismanagement and possible improper conduct by County Assessor Webster Guillory. In A dramatic video, the employees with their identities concealed to protect them from possible retaliation, accused…

QuachGate: Andy’s Mug Shot, FINALLY!

I will be searching my thesarus for various words that describe annoyed, but after more than two weeks, the Mug Shot from Andy Quach’s DUI arrest has finally been released. H/T to OC Weekly’s Scott Moxley who was able to get his hands on it. I first requested the photo on August 7th from the…

QuachGate: Breaking Quach Charged with DUI

Just got word that the District Attorney Tony Rackauckas has charged Westminster City Councilman Andy Quach with Driving Under the Influence. His blood alcohol level was 0.26%, well over the 0.08% legal limit. I will post more info as soon as I get it. Here is the link to the District Attorney’s press statement.