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IUSD Trustee Michael Parham pulls papers for OC BoE

IUSD Trustee Michael Parham

Hot off the press; this came in yesterday afternoon. We’re told that if Michael Parham, a Republican, isn’t elected to this seat, he won’t seek re-election to the IUSD board where he’s been a trustee since 2004.  Parham has often been rumored to be a city council candidate but has never pulled papers for a city…

Whites Only: “Parody” John Birch Society Fundraiser for OC GOP BoE Candidates Screams Racism


Certain Republicans in Orange County have distinguished themselves for posting overtly racist “humor” ever since Barack Obama was elected president in 2008.  First Dean Grose posted an image of watermelons on the White House lawn and Marilyn Davenport’s shared on a Photoshopped portrait of chimps with the president’s face superimposed over the baby chimp.  And…

Encourageing Gay Bashers, That’s our OC Board of Education

OC Register Columnist Yvette Cabrera wrote in her column on Monday about the flap over comments made by Orange County Board of Education President Alexandra Coronado over the establishment of Harvey Milk Day in California and the vote of the Board to urge the Governor to veto the legislation, which he signed earlier this month.…