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My February 5 Election Endorsements & Election Open Forum

OK, it’s starting to get close to Election Day. And as such, I figured now would be a good time to talk with you about how we’re voting. Here at The Liberal OC we have no “editorial board” deciding endorsements, so don’t take this as official endorsements from the entire blog team. I’m just speaking…

New Hampshire Debate Open Thread

The New Hampshire Debate just got underway. Is the nomination at stake? Or is it merely a step on the path? Any predictions? Either party? Who’s likely to triumph? Who needs a stellar performance tonight? Anyone’s future going to be decided tonight?

Iowa Caucus Results: OBAMA WINS

UPDATE: Obama wins with 37%. Clinton and Edwards are in a virtual tie for second with 30% each. No one else breaks above 5%. OK, here’s where you can come to see the latest results from the Iowa Caucus. If you have new numbers, please post them here. If you’re paying attention to this page,…

Our Christmas Present to YOU: The Liberal OC Open Forum!

Hi, everyone! Merry Christmas! I Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Solstice! I hope you’re having a fantastic holiday, no matter what you’re celebrating today! And in the spirit of the season, we at The Liberal OC have a very special gift for you. We’re giving you a special Happy Holiday edition of Open Forum! That’s right. Today,…