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Oil Spill Grows to Twice the Size of Maryland Due to Lack of Safety Controls

The nonprofit environmental group SkyTruth warned that the growing disaster “could soon surpass the sorry benchmark 20 years ago set by the 11 million gallon Exxon Valdez spill.”
Environmentalists say the oil is likely to hit the delta and a series of barrier islands that have still not fully recovered from hurricane Katrina six years ago and which are home to more than 400 species.
BP was at the forefront of recent lobbying of the US government against stronger safety controls for offshore drilling.

Stop the Drilling, Save the Coast!

Hey, everyone! Check out this important message from Environment California. Let’s save our coast! 🙂 Hi TheLiberalOC.com Reader, President Bush announced on Monday that he is lifting the executive order that bans oil and gas drilling on the outer continental shelf — but it’s not too late to protect our coasts. Take action. Call on…