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Join “Hands Across the Sand” on Saturday

On Saturday, June 26, Americans will join hands on beaches and in parks and cities united against the dangers offshore oil drilling present to our oceans and marine wildlife, fishing industries and coastal economies, in Hands Across the Sand. The mission of Hands Across the Sand is to change our energy policy away from its dependence on fossil fuels…

Gulf Oil Spill Update

President Barack Obama visited the Gulf Coast again this Friday to chastise BP for paying billions out in dividends and advertising to improve the public image while those affected by the oil spill were having difficulty receiving their claims. He also declared a moratorium on offshore deep oil drilling until a commission had found a way to safely drill this deep.

Oil Spill Grows to Twice the Size of Maryland Due to Lack of Safety Controls

The nonprofit environmental group SkyTruth warned that the growing disaster “could soon surpass the sorry benchmark 20 years ago set by the 11 million gallon Exxon Valdez spill.”
Environmentalists say the oil is likely to hit the delta and a series of barrier islands that have still not fully recovered from hurricane Katrina six years ago and which are home to more than 400 species.
BP was at the forefront of recent lobbying of the US government against stronger safety controls for offshore drilling.

CA-44: Tell Ken Calvert That Drilling Isn’t the Answer

This just in from the Bill Hedrick for Congress campaign. Ken Calvert actually thinks we can drill our way out of the energy crisis. We need to send a message to Calvert that he’s just flat out wrong! Dear Friends and Supporters, Last Thursday, Ken Calvert offered what he deemed his ‘commonsense solution’ to bring…