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OCTA Sues Yorba Linda Water District

Now that the election is over, we’re back to something more meaningful and the actual actions of government agencies.  After months of futile negotiations, the OCTA has decided to sue the Yorba Linda Water District for $1 million because a pipeline that’s been in place for decades needs to be moved to accommodate the OCTA’s…

Voice of OC Exposes Pay-to-Play Culture in Anaheim


Adam Elmahrek has delivered an intriguing expose of the influence that former Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle still maintains in the city. In some cases discovered by Elmahrek, it appears that Pringle has danced precariously on the line that prohibited him from lobbying city officials within the year after he left his elected position.

Will Amante Walk the Walk after Talking the Talk?

Don’t be surprised if the Tustin City Council “honors” Mayor Jerry Amante with another term after tonight’s meeting; and the betting money is on Amante remaining at least Mayor Pro Tem.  But the bigger question is will Jerry Amante follow the example he set at the end of October and serve the citizens of Tustin…

Will Lorri Galloway Replace Tom Tait on OCTA Board?

TheLiberalOC has confirmed that Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait is stepping down from the OCTA Board of Directors and sources indicated Anaheim city council member Lorri Galloway will be his replacement. Tait is immersed in negotiations to bring the NBA Sacramento Kings to Anaheim and may not have the time to take on former Mayor Curt…

OCTA Seeks Public Feedback On Proposed Measure M2 Conservation Plan


The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) is seeking public feedback through Jan. 10 on a conservation plan that will examine habitat and identify measures to protect that habitat and species in Orange County. The proposed Natural Community Conservation Plan/Habitat Conservation Plan/Master Streambed Alteration Agreement streamlines the freeway improvement permitting process under state and federal endangered species acts and results in more efficient and effective use of freeway mitigation funding.

Bell-like Scandal Takes Toll on Mayor Pulido’s Elegant Santa Ana Reign

Santa Ana’s Mayor, Miguel Pulido, has been around a while. He was elected to the Santa Ana City Council in 1986 and as Mayor in 1994. One thing Pulido has learned very well is how to get whatever he can for himself out of the job. During his time as a member of the Council and Mayor, Pulido has managed to get himself appointed to numerous committees and commissions throughout the county. All of these committees compensate their members with a variety of per-diems, insurance, cars, car allowances.