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Mayor Pulido Hired Brother at AQMD!

Like I have said before, this is more and more like the former Salinas administration in Mexico. And guess what, even they had allegations of nepotism, which came to light after Carlos Salinas de Gotari’s brother raided the treasury of Mexico causing a meltdown in the currency. What next Miguel, what next. Time to elect Al Amezcua the next mayor of Santa Ana.

The Failure of Supply Side Economics

The Register’s Brian Calle and John Seiler have both weighed in on our repsonse post about the failure of Reaganomics, better described as “supply side economics” citing the 40th president’s view that placing more money in the hands of Americans is a better way to go and that President Obama should heed the advice of…

Register editorial beats up Nelson on pensions

This editorial in today’s OC Register looks like a clear case of buyer’s remorse when if comes to backing a candidate for office — in this case, the candidacy of Shawn Nelson who won the June election to finish Chris Norbys term as 4th District Supervisor. While the Register didn’t credit this blog for breaking…

Did the Register Forget an Important Anniversary?

Thirty six years ago today, Yorba Linda’s own Richard Nixon resigned from the office of president.  He flew into the El Toro Airbase back to his Orange County roots and a home in San Clemente, where comedian, an OC native, Steve Martin imagined him walking the beaches with big old shorts on using a metal detector.…

Santa Ana’s El Sol Academy Beats the Odds

Too often we have blog posts discussing how much Santa Ana schools are failing. Well the OC Register has a terrific article in Sunday’s paper that talks about one of the bright spots in Santa Ana, which you can read HERE. El Sol Science and Arts Academy, located at 1010 N. Broadway is a shining example of success in an otherwise dismal review of Santa Ana’s public schools. Now I could do a post obsessing about people I don’t like in Santa Ana because they don’t like a buddy of mine who lives at home with their mother,