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On Election Day and Beyond: Now What?

Being witness to Democracy in Action is a privilege and an honor. I have had that privilege for the past five elections. Besides the Presidential Election, this past Tuesday, November 2, 2010, was truly different in many ways. I wanted to begin this with how I ended a very long but wonderful day. After I concluded my duties as Elections Coordinator for Area 47C (covering Laguna Niguel),

It Actually May Not Be So Bad

Or it could be worse. But hear me out. The House. Incoming committee chairs are so polluted by donations from the companies/industries they affect/oversee/regulate that legislation originating in the House will likely be as besotted as the new chairs. John Boehner, by all accounts, built his reputation on pragmatic compromise.

President’s message to school kids

Here are the text and video of President Obama’s address to school kids this year.  I’m happy IUSD sent a note to school principals encouraging them to show the message to their classes, but will wait to hear from students in my neighborhood about whether or not they saw it. “Hello Philadelphia! It’s wonderful to…

The Failure of Supply Side Economics

The Register’s Brian Calle and John Seiler have both weighed in on our repsonse post about the failure of Reaganomics, better described as “supply side economics” citing the 40th president’s view that placing more money in the hands of Americans is a better way to go and that President Obama should heed the advice of…

Republican Deficit Hawks Should Call for End of Bush Tax Cuts

Quick. What’s the biggest drain on our federal budget?  Two wars off the books? TARP and other federal bailouts? The stimulus?  According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the answer can be found in the Bush Tax Cuts which benefitted the wealthiest 1 percent of all Americans and proved anemic at job growth and economic…

Blame Bush? It’s Not Just for Democrats Anymore

The Republicans are crowing about this prospects in this Fall’s midterms and have been for quite some time.  Traditionally, the president’s party loses seats in a midterm election and I do expect we’ll lose some seats in the House and Senate simply because there were seats long held by Republicans that turned blue in 2006…