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NRA has an Enemies List of Political Cartoonists

Remember President Nixon’s Enemies List?  The National Rifle Association has one too. The NRA’s list features prominent journalists and political editorial cartoonists. From the post: So perhaps it’s linguistically fitting that of the 37 journalists on an NRA-ILA roster of organizations, corporations and public/media figures who have voiced “anti-gun” policies and stances, the list is…

NRA Releases Videogame with Coffin Shaped Targets

After blaming the horrific shooting of school children in Newtwon, CT on violent videogames, the National Rifle Association has released a videogame that teaches kids to shoot firearms.  The game, “NRA Practice Range,” has coffin shaped targets with red bullseyes at head and heart levels.  Just what you want your six-year old to play. From…

NRA Blames Society, Videogames for CT School Shooting

  The National Rifle Association finally broke it’s silence about the school shooting in Newtown today with a press conference in which they refused to take questions.  The media was instead invited for one on ones next week, which is likely to be a by-invitation only only with “safe” reporters from Fox News and conservative…

Colorado Shooting: Time to Tax Bullets?

Second Amendment enthusiasts decried politicizing the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, lamenting if there was someone in the theater who was armed, they could have taken the gunman out. That’s a big assumption in a darkened theater, and what it they hit an innocent bystander while returning fire?

Gunfight at the OC Corral

There’s a gunfight brewing in Orange County that would make a great John Wayne movie. But the plot of the movie depends on your political perspective and your view on gun control.