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Loretta Sanchez Honors National Guard, while Chuck DeVore dishonors his service in the National Guard

“I am proud to join my colleagues in honoring the 374thanniversary of the National Guard. As the oldest component of the Armed Forces, the National Guard has played an instrumental role in the defense of our country. Today, tens of thousands of Guardmembers are serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other locations throughout the world. Without their sense of duty and love of country, we would not enjoy the many freedoms America has to offer.

Correa’s Bill on Military Education Benefits Awaits Governor’s Signature

SACRAMENTO, CA—Today, the California State Senate unanimously voted on the passage out of the Legislature of Bill 1075 (SB 1075), authored by Senator Lou Correa(Orange County). This legislative measure requires academic institutions to reasonably accommodate and assist students who are called to active military duty so they can meet any and all coursework requirements missed due to military service.