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A Once in a Lifetime Event

The SpaceShuttle Endeavor has arrived in Southern California and as luck would have it, a business meeting placed me downtown at 10:30AM.  At the end of the meeting, I was invited to the rooftop of the Los Angeles Times to view the shuttle’s arrival. NASA is a federal program that both parties can be proud…

Obama Outlines New Plan for Space

Obama’s plan is to increase NASA’s budget by $6 billion over five years and shift the responsibility for space transportation to private companies, which would be encouraged to “compete to design and build and launch new means of carrying people and materials out of our atmosphere.” They would be responsible not just for designing and building the rockets and spaceships, which they largely do already, but also for conducting flights to the International Space Station.

Yes Virginia, there is water on Mars.

The Phoenix lander, currently sitting in the northern polar region of Mars, has found water on what is otherwise a very dry planet. The difficulty Phoenix has had getting to this point reminds me of my Uncle using a divining rod to locate a good spot to drill a water well for his home in…