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Sanchez Supports a Public Option in Health Care Reform

On Friday, Dena Bunis of the Orange County Register wrote about the divisions between lawmakers in congress over healthcare reform legislation Health reform divides lawmakers. From the story: On the one hand Republicans and Democrats are worlds apart on this issue, which is to be expected. But there’s also a fissure among Democrats, one that…

MSNBC Reports Caroline Kennedy has NOT withdrawn from consideration for New York Senate seat

Meet The Press host David Gregory reported on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show that Caroline Kennedy has not withdrawn from consideration.  Three New York newspapers reported she had withdrawn citing her Uncle Edward M. Kennedy’s health.  The New York Governor’s office has not confirmed the withdrawal and Gregory cites sources “close to the Kennedy family” that…

Chris Matthews won’t run for Senate

The Washington Post is reporting that MSNBC’s Hardball anchor Chris Matthews has decided not to run for the Senate in Pennsylvania after all.  “Tweety” has apparently lost that tingling feeling up his leg and decided to work hard to be more like Rachjel Maddow and Keith Olberman when it comes to informed political dialouge.  

John Cleese Punks Sean Hannity

Keith Olberman read this John Cleese written poem tonight on Countdown on MSNBC. Ode to Sean Hannity by John Cleese Aping urbanity Oozing with vanity Plump as a manatee Faking humanity Journalistic calamity Intellectual inanity Fox Noise insanity You’re a profanity Hannity The video that inspired the poem, after the jump.