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Rep. Royce Ties Arizona Shooting to Fairness Doctrine (huh?)

Fallout from the Arizona shooting continues to reverberate from Washington DC to Orange County.  Last week, Irvine City Council member and 2010 Democratic congressional candidate Beth Krom weighed in with a letter to the editor in the OC Register calling the right wing media to task for elevating the rhetoric. Key points from Krom’s letter:…

Sanchez on Hardball Updated w/Video

UPDATED: Rep. Loretta Sanchez talked with Chris Matthews on Hardball tonight on MSNBC. She talked about a decision by Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, and other big health insurers’ decision to stop selling policies to children rather than comply with the new health care law that bars them from denying coverage to kids with preexisting conditions.

Rachel Maddow on GOP Hypocrisy on Stimulus

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5E3vDO5eYRw[/youtube] It’s easy to trigger multiple comments on my Facebook page and my friends list; simply post something positive about President Obama and the Stimulus package or post something negative about TeaPartiers.  Then site back and watch the comments fly, especially from old high school chums from New York. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow goes one better. …

Helping Haiti; Not a Right vs. Left Issue

This past Thursday’s edition of the Irvine World News was soaking wet when I opened it up from last week’s rain. And after reading Adam Probolsky’s colume about Rep. John Campbell trying to save some pocket change by going the signature route for candidacy for re-election (and conveniently omitting the fact that Campbell left out…

Olbermann: Cheney Nothing More, Nothing Less, Than A Traitor

“If Mr. Cheney believes we are at war, then he, as the most recent occupant of the vice presidency, is under the strictest of obligations to put aside his case of terminal partisanship, and rally to the support of his president in a time of war. Instead, his remarks not only give encouragement to the enemies of this country, they give them an exact measure as to how successful they have been in damaging our freedoms.”

Olbermann Rips Glenn Beck as “Worst Person” Again

Last night, Keith Olbermann awarded the “Worst Person” gold medal to another Fox News host: Glenn Beck. On his radio show Beck crudely called Senator Mary Landrieu a prostitute for her work obtaining money in the health care bill to help pay for coverage of poor citizens of Louisiana. He then doubled down later on his television show, saying “So we know you’re hookin’, but you’re just not cheap.”

Olympic Bid A No Win Situation for Obama

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama traveled to Copenhagen to support the bid of their home town Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Their efforts mirrored those of the President Brazil to support the winning bid of Rio de Janeiro. In the end, Chicago’s proposal failed to gain the support of…