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Bands for Bernie. Hookers for Hillary. Campaigning in casinos. What on earth is going on? Why the Nevada Democratic Caucus, of course!

Hookers for Hillary

Before the Nevada Legislature adjourned its last session sine die, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign began organizing here in Nevada. Shortly after Bernie Sanders announced his Presidential Campaign, he began what would become a series of regular visits to Nevada to help build “the political revolution”. But why are they coming here? Why has Nevada become so…

Moonlite Bunny Ranch Brothel Backs Ron Paul for President

Progressive radio host Thom Hartman defines Libertarians as “conservatives who want to smoke pot and patronize prostitutes” without being arrested.  And Republican/Liberatarian presidential candidate Ron Paul sports a new endorsement that fits this definition.  Crazy Uncle Ron, whom the joke goes puts the “Aryan” in Libertarian, has secured the endorsement of the working girls of…