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OC’s Fred Karger Accuses Mitt Romney of Committing Voter Fraud

Republicans are obsessed with voter fraud and proposals to require government issued IDs for voting actually threaten to disenfranchise millions of voters which tend to vote Democratic.  Statistical data on voter fraud shows its virtually non-existent in this country.  If only there was a high profile violator who admitted to committing voter fraud.  And thanks…

Santorum Pulls Out; Romney Hides Tax Returns

Two pieces of Republican news.  Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has pulled out (insert your own joke here) of the GOP Presidential race and has “suspended” his campaign.  One can surmise that Santorum mightnot be able to recover losing his home state to Republican front runner Mitt Romney. Read details of Santorum’s pull out here.…

Trump Announcement: A Breakup in Progress?

Donald Trump

Billionaire Donald Trump caused a flurry of speculation on Wednesday when he announced that he would be making a major announcement on Thursday, Groundhog Day. According to Trump adviser Michael Cohen, “the announcement will pertain to the presidential race.” There has been speculation that Mr. Trump will be making an endorsement.

The Angry Right

The weekend kicked off with a spirited debate between LiberalOC publisher Chris Prevatt and the OC Register’s Mark Landsbaum over an editorial in the Register reacting to President Obama’s State of the Union address.  Landsbaum has published not one – but two editorials entitled “Obama the Angry” and in the last piece, identified the notion…