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Two Barnburners from Tuesday’s DNC

While First Lady Michelle Obama and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro were the highlights of Tuesday’s DNC speeches, there were two barnburners that warrant attention from Democratic governors Deval Patrick, who succeeded Mitt Romeny in Massachusetts and ted Strickland of Ohio. Both speeches resonated with the crowd and fired up Democrats for the fight ahead.…

“The Jersey Comeback” gets the Bronx Cheer

Tonight’s GOP Convention keynoter is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a conservative many in the Republican Party had hoped would run for president instead of Mitt Romney.  Fox News and other conservative media hype Christie’s budget-cutting Jersey’s budget back to fiscal health, yet Princeton economics professor and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman shows that Christie’s…

Coming Soon to a Convention in Florida

Convention Reinvention

Mitt Romney faces unfavorability ratings through the roof in an election where the stakes couldn’t be higher. He’s hired Hollywood producers and Madison Avenue mad men to reinvent himself. He’s tried it all, but nothing is working…

The Romney-Ryan-Akin Platform for Women

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are having trouble distancing themselves from the most conservative platform in GOP party history, which includes a Human Life Amendment that bans abortions in all cases. The DNC is out with a new web video: “The Romney-Ryan-Akin Platform for Women”