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Romney’s Debate Performance Didn’t Change the Game

Denver Debate

Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama met in Denver, CO for the first of three Presidential Debates. Romney was aggressive and sure of himself during his performance, while Obama was calm, reserved, and deliberate in his. Romney needed a game changing performance last night, and that didn’t happen.

Chapman University/George Mason Univ. CMPA Analysis of PolitiFact: Republicans Lie Twice as Much as Democrats for 2012

Got this hot of the press from our friends at Chapman University and the Center for Media & Public Affairs from George Mason University on Politifact.com, a non-partisan website run by the folks at the Tampa Bay Tribune to fact-check both parties.  The categories are true, mostly true, a middle, somewhat false, mostly false and…

Empathy? The Many Faces of Mitt


Mitt Romney seems to be having an identity crisis. Moments before attacking President Obama for Obamacare, the national health insurance program that is virtually identical to what he implemented in Massachusetts, he told NBC in an interview something completely different.

Where Change Comes From


Obama for America has released a new web video, because today, the choice in this election became even clearer. On one side is a candidate who has disdainfully written off half the country. On the other, a President who has always said we can only change Washington together—and we have.

Mitt’s Missed Chance

GOP Presidential nominee and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney was in Costa Mesa last night. Across the street from Mitt’s fundraiser, the OC GOP Central Committee had gathered at a nearby hotel.  According to sources, several members of the Central Committee were hoping their Party’s candidate for the Oval Office would drop by for an…

What Romney Really Thinks About Half of America

Governor Mitt Romney (Official Campaign Photo)

After the release of a damning video from a fundraiser earlier this year, Mitt Romney steered clear of making additional controversial statements yesterday when he brought his dog and pony show to the Segerstrom Concert Hall in Costa Mesa for a fundraising extravaganza.