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Santa Ana General Fund dips to less than $1 per resident

Santa Ana City Hall

Adam Elmahrek of The Voice of OC has looked over the wall of silence erected around City Hall to reveal a frightening image of a city in the midst of financial disaster. It is beyond puzzling how the City of Santa Ana that in June supposedly closed a $13.6-million budget gap by “borrowing money from the liability and workers’ compensation reserves,” has found itself in such a dire position.

Orange County District Attorney Starts Interviewing Staff Regarding Assessor Allegations

Back at the end of March, employees of the Orange County Assessor’s office represented by the Orange County Employees Association disclosed to the Board of Supervisors allegations of mismanagement and possible improper conduct by County Assessor Webster Guillory. In A dramatic video, the employees with their identities concealed to protect them from possible retaliation, accused…

Waste at the Assessor’s Office – Not really a surprise.

Well, as the headline states, I am not really surprised. The county has a pattern of contracting out projects and then having managers and directors cover up the failures to perform. This just happens to be a project run by a comfortable elected official who has the same attitude as the County IT Director. Cover it up and hope no one notices.

First Street, Now Williams. Moorlach Gets It Wrong Again.

“Out of control personnel practices have created an organization top heavy in management and riddled with unhappy workers required to do much more work than what is considered typical,” the report concluded. “The need for change is evident.” That quote is from a Grand Jury Report released yesterday about the County Public Guardian / Public…

County Performance Auditor Dings Health Care Agency

And in other Orange County government news… The Orange County Register’s Norberto Santana and Tony Saavedra report that the County Performance Auditor has weighed in on the administration of health care for county jail inmates. It ain’t pretty. Problems within the Correctional Medical Services program have festered for numerous years despite heated complaints from nurses and…