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Surrender Norm Coleman

It’s nearly March and the trial into the challenge over last year’s US Senate seat from Minnesota is a month old; legal experts give former Senator (he’s finished his term) Norm Coleman little to slim to no chance of retaining his seat, yet Coleman continues to grasp at straws.  When Franken was down by less…

Why Norm Coleman Should Concede (with apologies to Peggy Noonan)

Back on December 4, 2000, at the height of the Bush-Gore Florida Recount, conservative columnist Peggy Noonan penned a piece for Time Magazine entitled, “Why Gore Should Concede.”  With Al Franken’s certified victory in the US Senate race coming today, I have decided to edit Ms. Noonan’s piece to reflect the Senate race in Minnesota.…

Minnesota Senate Race is closerthanthis

As Minnesota election officials continue sorting through challenges to votes for Al Franken and Senator Norm Coleman, the result at the close of the day was Coleman is up by only 2 votes.  And the way its been going, Franken should take the lead tomorrow. Here’s the story from the Star Tribune.